We have doubled up!

That's right, for the past few years our new creature also exists in Putia di Giugiò.

Let's start by saying that the name is a tribute to our little (just to say!) family members: Giulia, Little Giorgio and big Giorgio. Also on this occasion we did everything ourselves both for the decor and the menu by listening to our personal tastes and the requests received over the years from our customers.

In the menu we replicated some of our most successful dishes and added also something new and tasty seafood-based.

At a Putia di Giugiò we offer some of the most renowned ingredients of our culinary tradition but always with a personalized touch such as spaghettoni with clams, mussels and potato cream or even grilled octopus on a ragusano horse cheese fondue and just to name a couple.

So to put it simply, the substance and essence of our cooking philosophy remains the same.

Welcome to the wine bar
a Putia di Giugiò

An all-Sicilian tradition

A Putia di Giugiò located in Ortigia, Sicily, offers an authentic and satisfying dining experience in the heart of the island. With traditional all-Sicilian cuisine, the restaurant captures the essence of the unique flavors and aromas of this enchanting region.

Each dish is prepared with care and passion, using fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced primarily from local producers. This ensures that every bite carries with it the tradition, history and love of Sicilian cuisine.

Cucina celebre per la sua varietà e ricchezza dei suoi sapori.
Cuisine celebrated for its variety and richness of flavors. A Putia di Giugiò is no exception. Here you can enjoy specialties such as pane cunzato, sarda beccafico and richly flavored parmigiana. Fresh fish is another highlight, where Mediterranean flavors come together in dishes like fried mixed fish or the famous pistachio-crusted tuna.

However, the essence of traditional Sicilian cuisine is the same as at Putia delle cose buone. Here food is not just about nutrition, but a complete experience involving all the senses.

The warm welcome and family atmosphere make you feel at home, while the dishes prepared with passion and skill transport you to the heart of Sicilian culture. The secret to this culinary experience is the attention to detail and the use of genuine ingredients.

Sicilian Wine Shop

Discover the magic of Sicilian tastes

We are proud to present an authentic dining experience, where every bite will take you on a journey through the richness of Sicilian gastronomic culture. Immerse yourself in a sea of Mediterranean flavors. 

Come discover Sicilian cuisine in its splendor and be transported by its authenticity at our restaurant.

The essence of tastes.

Those who come taste a different Syracuse.

Our ingredients are carefully chosen from local producers, who put passion and dedication into growing high quality produce. From iblea round olives to pachino tomatoes, from rich cheeses to fine wines, each product represents the essence of this bountiful land.

Surrounded by comfortable surroundings

The welcome maintains the simplicity of family warmth. Open kitchen and simple, comfortable environment.

Dishes and specialties

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Via Saverio Landolina, 21
96100 Siracusa SR
+39 329 769 5764

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